As I look back over the year 2018, I have so much to be thankful for. I know that it has not been an easy year not only to some of us but to the whole workforce and agency as well. Great challenges had come our way in our quest to be a dynamic organization that is known to deliver an efficient and effective rehabilitation services to individuals who wronged the society.

The road to the attainment of ISO certification is not an easy journey. Each step we take towards the goal of excellence is met with hardships, misgivings and even doubts whether we can make it or not. But the support and cooperation you all extended, whether big or small, contributed so much in the pursuit of a Quality Management System (QMS). Our optimism and determination likewise helped us overcome all the obstacles we deemed difficult to beat and surpass.

Recognizing potential technologies to optimize internal efficiency is also a big challenge to the management of this Administration. It is without doubt that adoption of current technologies will give the much-needed boost to our goal of shifting from manual to computerized system of information vital to the delivery of services to the clients. The past year enable us to take initial steps towards full implementation of projects like the Single Carpeta System, Probation Information System, and the Human Resource Management and Development Information System.

The past year ended with the good news which make the coming year 2019 full of hope and positivity. Let me encourage you all to let your vigor and enthusiasm remain within you to sustain the good performance we all work hard to achieve. It may not be all fair and smooth as we welcome another year but I am confident there is nothing we cannot do if we are all united in mind and spirit.

Happy New Year to all. God bless everyone.


Closing Program

42nd PPA Anniversary Celebration

July 24, 2018

Guest of Honor, Secretary of Justice Menardo I. Guevarra, LRA Administrator Renato D. Bermejo, PAO Chief Persida R. Acosta, BPP Director Reynaldo G. Bayang, Deputy Administrator Lorna A. Yumul, Guests, Awardees, Officials and Employees of this Administration, Ladies and Gentlemen.

First, I would like to greet everyone “Happy 42nd Anniversary!” I know that you would all agree with me that 42 years is a major milestone for an agency like ours. More than four decades of existence is a long time for any office to grow, from humble beginning to one that is recognized as one of bankable institutions in the corrections pillar of the Philippine Criminal Justice System.

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I will discuss with you how the Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) benchmarks its best practices in the implementation of probation and parole rehabilitation programs which pave the way in rectifying the errors of the offenders and prove their worth as human beings and as members of a peace-loving society. This implementing guideline is formulated by PPA to come up with a uniform implementation of its programs and services by adopting “the best among the best practices” among the regions.

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