The pandemic year of 2020 is about to end and we hope the corona virus ends with it.  But this is not so because COVID-19 will continue to threaten us and thrive until a viable cure is found.

This, notwithstanding, we should still see the positive side of things.   Rather than frustration, let’s feel fascination from this dilemma because it taught us to take measures to be strong, alert, prepared and on guard.

We have to embrace the fact that life is truly risky.  In fact, life is so risky that no one gets out of it alive! Ever!

So why worry, if a problem can be solved.  On the other hand, if it can’t be solved, then what’s the use of worrying?

Thus, if it’s any consolation, we should be grateful that we are still alive; that we still have work while others lost theirs.  Let our work be an inspiration, an offering in return for the countless blessings that overwhelm our misgivings.

Challenges will always be there, not to crush us but to unravel our creative abilities to handle them.  Just like coal, it needs heat and pressure to turn it into brilliant diamonds.  It is a process of honing our skills to better cope with change otherwise we remain complacent and not advance and achieve anything.

These difficulties provide the trials to practice our capacities.  It’s the need to flex our muscles to train and gain the strength and stamina to bravely face and successfully hurdle our challenges.  The demands we make of ourselves determine how far we go in life.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint. 

For now, we take things as they come and seek wisdom in what the Lord ushers in for us in the coming year.



Officer-in-Charge, Administrator