Jica Evaluation

UNAFEI, JICA Evaluates Training and Dialogue Programs To understand the impact of the Knowledge Co-Creation Program (KCCP) and the challenges former participants face upon returning to their own country, the UNAFEI-led evaluators assessed the success and effect of the joint JICA-UNAFEI trainings and dialogue programs they held in the past years. The United Nations Asia continue reading : Jica Evaluation

ISO Update

PPA’s Roadmap to ISO Certification – an Update Continuing the bid for ISO certification 9001:2015, the Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) conducted a Quality Management System (QMS) internal audit, launched the use of Customer Feedback Management System (CFMS), and updated the personnel on the handling of Public Assistance and Complaint Desk (PACD). The QMS internal continue reading : ISO Update

Third World Congress on Probation

Administrator Co Focuses on RJ Concept during Probation Congress The Restorative Justice (RJ) concept in Philippine setting was given emphasis during one of the sessions conducted in the recent 3rd World Congress on Probation held in Tokyo, Japan. Administrator Manuel G. Co of the Parole and Probation Administration (PPA), as one of the resource speakers continue reading : Third World Congress on Probation

Service Excellence

Aiming for Excellence The road to excellence is not an easy way to travel. Before reaching the ultimate goal of perfection, it cannot be helped but to come across obstacles and challenges that would almost dampen one’s enthusiasm or spirit in attaining that set goal. This is what the Agency is facing right now. As continue reading : Service Excellence

Third Country Training Programme

UNAFEI INVITES ADMINISTRATOR CO AS LECTURER IN TCTP SEMINAR To discuss and present current approaches in the development of community-based treatment of offenders in the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV), Administrator Manuel G. Co was invited as a visiting expert to the follow-up seminar conducted by the United Nations Asia and Far continue reading : Third Country Training Programme


PRAISE Awards Marks PPA 41st Anniversary Celebration To give due recognition to the deserving regions and employees who work hard in implementing the rehabilitation program of the Parole and Probation Administration (PPA), an awarding ceremony was the highlight of the 41st anniversary celebration of this Administration with the theme, “PPA @ 41: Bridging Lives, Empowering continue reading : 2017 PRAISE AWARD

41st Anniversary

PPA Celebrates 41st Anniversary The Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) – Central Office celebrated its 41st Anniversary, with the theme “PPA @ 41: Bridging Lives, Empowering People, Creating Myriads of Hope for a Stronger and Drug-Free Nation” with weeklong activities facilitated and coordinated by Technical Services Division (TSD) and Legal Division (LD) headed by CPPO continue reading : 41st Anniversary