Provident Fund Members Elect New Board of Trustees

Thirteen officials and employees of the Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) were elected as Board of Trustees of PPA-DOJ Provident Fund, as the term of office of the current Board ended on April 15, 2018.

The following are the newly elected Board of Trustees who will serve from 2018-2020:

First Level

  1. Alma Camille C. Paloma (CO)
  2. Kristin Faye DL. Miranda (NCR)
  3. Ronald L. Cementerio (IV-A)
  4. Ma. Socorro C. Lasam (II)

Second Level

  1. Liberty D. Fabrigas (IV-B)
  2. Cristina C. Palaca (X)
  3. Cristina C. Vibar (II)
  4. Jasmin M. Diamel (CO)
  5. Anna Belle E. Salazar (VII)
  6. Lloyd D. Barrion (XI)
  7. Wilfred D. Gonnay (CAR)

Third Level

  1.  Allan Alcala (I)
  2. Amy Helconida H. Sarmiento(V)

The number of representatives for each level was determined during the meeting of the incumbent Board on November 28, 2017 effected through Board Resolution No. 2017-03.

Prior to the canvassing of votes in the national level on January 29, 2018, each region and the Central Office conducted their respective election to choose official nominees/representatives for the different levels. Ballots were sent to the Central Office for the final canvassing of votes.

According to the by-laws of the Fund circulated through Memorandum Circular No. 53, s. 2013, the Board is primarily tasked to promulgate, implement and enforce the by-laws, rules and regulations governing the use, operation and investment of the Provident Fund; identify and secure other legal, valid and authorized sources of funds to provide better credit facility and welfare benefits for the members; and institute advocacy measures to encourage employees to contribute as much as they can to the Provident Fund within limits set by the Board of Trustees, as well as to preserve their Provident Fund accounts and not withdraw their shares.

The final canvassing of votes was handled by the Election Committee of the Fund headed by CPPO Virgilio B. Duldulao, Jr. (Chairperson). Other members are Mr. Raul R. Taron (Vice-Chairperson), Ms Mary Aaron Joan R. Balaoro (Member-Secretary), Atty. Delfin Jr. S. Fabrigas, Mr. Mark Melis P. Erese, Ms Christine S. de Martin and Mr. Jabe Anthony M. Pabeliña (Members).