45 years ago, President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed into law the Probation Law of 1976 or PD 968, which ushered in a more humane treatment of offenders.

45 years later, we realize that ours is the most systematically underfunded office and the least powerful of all the agencies in the criminal justice system.

We are systematically underfunded because in the criminal justice system, we are supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the imprisonment of offenders.

We are also the least powerful because we do not enforce the law, nor do we prosecute, judge, nor imprison offenders,… we just try to reform and make them whole again.

And as the family is the basic unit of society and the strength of a nation rests on the stability of families, we are glad to say that we are also the only office in the criminal justice system that do not break families apart but preserve and mend families back together.

Because we like to redeem lives, restore relationships, and rebuild homes…not spend more funds and taxpayers money to condemn more lives, destroy more relationships, break more families and wreck more homes….Yes, we are homemakers not homewreckers!

So, let this be our cause to sustain our zeal and fervor in advancing the interest of our clients for the next 45 years!!!