Message of the Deputy Administrator on the TCLP Awarding Ceremony

For almost two decades of implementation of the Therapeutic Community as a treatment modality for our clients. And in 2013, the National TC team came up with the Therapeutic Community Ladderized Program Manual to guide us all in implementing the program more efficiently and more effectively.

Three years after the launching of the manual, the Lord accorded us a patron in the person of former Regional Director Emetri Amoroso, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hilway, who offered monetary award to manifest her appreciation of the outstanding accomplishments of our TCLP implementers all over the country. So, we came up with this Search for Most Outstanding TCLP Implementers.

It might be interesting for you to know that the search committee carefully crafted the guidelines, criteria and validation tools of the search for almost two years to ensure objectivity in choosing the winners, and to know the significance of all their efforts to show commitment and support to the agency’s mandate of potently rehabilitating our clients.

Even if the verification of documents in the search entries viś – a – viś the IQPR, docket books, case folders and other sources of verification and using the validating instruments was really very tedious and exhausting that many of us got sick during the on-site validation because of too much fatigue, our determination did not fail because each other’s support made us stronger, believing that in adversity, we find strength and courage to continue with this very important task. Besides, we trusted the Lord’s purpose for the search.

Also, during the validation, we confirmed that despite the rigors and hazards of our work, and despite the agency’s meager budget, and even in the absence of rehabilitation funds, Probation workers remain steadfast to successfully rehabilitate our clients.

Just like our Ladderized TC Program where our clients climb the ladder after completion of requirements and after manifestation of positive behavior, Probation Officers also move up, level up, sharp the saw and improve our skills in supervising them.

With these developments in doing our best to become aces in rehabilitating offenders of society, the committee express their gratitude to our Administrator for his support, for the Division Chiefs and their staff who provided documents to help us validate the entries, to all Regional Directors, ROICs, ARDs, CPPOs and staff of the field search entries who showed their enthusiasm to know how their field office rate in terms of the standards being utilized by the agency to ensure our clients’ positive transformation.

Likewise, we would like to thank, RD Charito Zamora, the Vice Chair of the Committee, and all the members and validators of this search, namely:

  1. RD Lina Burdeos
  2. RD Rosa Lacanglacang
  3. ROIC Shirley Fernandez
  4. ARD Belinda Zafra
  5. OIC-ARD Beverly Ampo
  6. CPPO Hyacinth Castaños
  7. CPPO Rodita Santos
  8. CPPO Grace Tomaro
  9. CPPO Emma Valenciano
  10. SPPO Margarett Visaya
  11. PPO Ma. Socorro Borja
  12. PPO Melanie Pelosas
  13. PPO Fe Wong
  14. PPO II Aimy Amor Azarcon
  15. PO I Yul Anjelo Bello
  16. FMD Chief Norhaya Guiling
  17. Melbian Jerome Laraño
  18. Statistician Rowena Virrey

And of course our TC guru, mentor, sponsor, and Hilway Chief Executive Officer, Mam Emetri Amoroso.

The Lord provided PPA the priceless gifts of all your presence and commitment, and we thank you for standing behind all the endeavors of the committee.