UNAFEI, JICA Evaluates Training and Dialogue Programs

To understand the impact of the Knowledge Co-Creation Program (KCCP) and the challenges former participants face upon returning to their own country, the UNAFEI-led evaluators assessed the success and effect of the joint JICA-UNAFEI trainings and dialogue programs they held in the past years.

The United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders (UNAFEI) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) conducted a short email survey to previous participants on February 2018, and an actual interview on March 5, 2018 at Teodulo Natividad Hall in Parole and Probation Administration – Central Office (PPA-CO).

Interviewees were Administrator Manuel G. Co, RD Rodrigo G. Manuel, Jr. (PPA-Region XII), CPPO Angelio E. Malacad (Cavite City PPO), CPPO Joel Romano C. Arjinal (Tanauan City PPO) and SrPPO Genoveva R. Celajes (Cavite Province PPO).

The interview centered on the knowledge and skills gained through the trainings and how these acquired insights and action plans were applied in the programs of PPA.

As a participant of the 144th Senior Seminar that focused on the enhancement of appropriate measures for victims of crimes in 2010, Administrator Co said that his learnings helped him in strengthening the restorative justice program of PPA and in developing its RJ manual. He added that the idea of preparing the Post-Conviction Victim Services Manual, which PPA recently launched in Butuan City was inspired by the same training.

RD Manuel, on the other hand, said that his experience in the training “Public Participation of Volunteer Probation Officers” in 2015 encouraged him in molding the Volunteer Probation Assistants in his area of assignment. According to him, he had the opportunity to witness first-hand interaction between a Japanese Volunteer Probation Officer and a client when he made a one-day visit to the residence of the former as part of the training. He said he was humbled by the dedication and empathy the Japanese VPO showed the client.

UNAFEI evaluators were Fumiko Akashi, Keisuke Senta, Watanabe Hajime and Kuniaki Ono.