PPA Recruits More Volunteers for Rehab of Offenders

The Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) celebrates the 24th National Correctional Consciousness Week (NCCW) from October 22-26, 2018 with a theme, “Reinforcing Correctional Awareness through Promotion of First-Hand Participation”.

This year, the celebration focuses on recruitment of volunteer probation assistants (VPAs) for the rehabilitation of its clients – the probationers, parolees, pardonees and first-time minor drug offenders (FTMDO). An information drive on VPA program will be conducted nationwide to recruit more volunteers who will assist the Probation and Parole Officers (PPOs) in the supervision of clients.

As of October 2018, PPA has 7,038 active volunteers who assist the PPOs in handling 34,539 clients nationwide.

Engaging volunteers in the rehabilitation services of PPA is based on Rule XI, Sections 58-64 of Presidential Decree No. 968 or the Adult Probation Law of 1976 which was further boosted by Executive Order No. 468 – the Revitalization of Volunteer Probation Assistant Program. This EO heightened and maximized the community participation of VPAs in the community-based program for probation and parole for the prevention of crime, treatment of offenders and criminal justice administration.

Recruited volunteers undergo the screening process to validate their personal background, capability and interest. They must be a citizen of good repute and probity who have the willingness, aptitude and capability to act as VPA, preferably 25 years old and above, preferably a resident of the same community as the client, willing to serve without salary, and capable to prepare reports. They must not have any criminal conviction, however, former clients with exemplary behavior fit to be role models may be considered. They must be of good health.

VPAs serves as a supervisor of clients and as a resource individual. Each volunteer supervises a maximum of five clients and works closely with the officer-on-case. As supervisors, volunteers offer guidance and counseling, act as job placement facilitators and implements treatment objective.

Other activities at the Central Office include photo exhibit at the PPA lobby, thanksgiving mass, and seminar on “Plea Bargaining Agreement.” PPA field offices will hold tree planting, community corrections congress, and therapeutic community sessions.